Interest Rates

A robust, stable cash flow is fundamental to generating company profitability. Interest Rate Risk can be a key risk when managing cash flow. Bell Rock’s foundations have been built on a wealth of experience in the financial markets. We are here to impart our vast knowledge in risk management and help companies construct a bespoke framework to define, manage and mitigate the adverse impact of rising interest rates on company profits. Our Rates services include:

  • A full Treasury Policy review
  • Construction of a Risk Management Framework for the company to operate within
  • An assessment on the impact of rising rates on cash flow and lending covenants
  • Tailoring risk management solutions to the company’s objectives
  • Benchmarking quotes from your Banking partner(s)
  • Providing assistance and guidance on implementing any regulatory requirements that may need to be fulfilled
  • Post trade review and valuation statements
  • A hedge co-ordination service to help implement best execution across a number of relationship banks (For larger deals only)