About Us


At BellrockFinancial we offer support and guidance on all aspects of Financial Risk Management.

We provide assistance on pricing for all products and construct bespoke solutions for Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate risks.

We work with a broad spectrum of clients across all sectors and industries.*

Our Directors have over 80 years of combined experience in the financial markets.

Bell Rock Financial foster strong and long lasting relationships. We provide impartiality, transparency and integrity as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial markets. Our clients experience a first class service with continuous access to our Directors.

Pricing from banks and other financial institutions often lacks transparency. Their solutions are not always in their clients best interests.

We provide clients with the confidence that they are executing the most appropriate strategy at a fair and transparent price. We use the same market feeds and pricing technology as the banks, but our experience is used to further your best interests, not the bottom line of the banks.

We have the ability and experience to offer a wide ranging risk management service through our extensive network of banking and finance professionals. You have our commitment that we will provide you with the necessary expertise to assist you in any situation.

Bell Rock Financial is completely independent and is product and provider neutral. We can work with all of your existing banking relationships to deliver your solution, but if circumstances prevail we will happily introduce you to new providers who we know can offer a bilateral service on more favourable terms.

With transparency, clarity and efficiency, we deliver balanced and fair transactions between you and your financial counterparty, and in the process save you time and money.

* These include small businesses, corporates, educational institutions, charities, private equity, financial institutions.