Why Bell Rock


Business owners are experts in their individual fields but are usually not so familiar with the financial markets.

Often decisions around FX and Interest Rates are ill-informed or just an after thought. Even worse, businesses can be ill-advised by banks and brokers who are looking to maximise their own profit.

With a combined 80+ years helping organisations successfully navigate the financial markets, we are now using our experience and knowledge to enable companies, like yours, to more efficiently and confidently manage their currency and interest rate exposures.

Small and medium sized businesses, in particular, are often not adequately resourced to manage the risks they face from having overseas income or expenses. In fact FX volatility can impact on organisations in many ways, from creating near term cash flow and earnings volatility, to influencing competitive positions and strategic opportunities over longer time horizons.

Fully understanding the multi-faceted relationship between FX movements, underlying commercial dynamics, and other risk exposures is essential when designing an effective currency risk management programme to protect or optimise profitability.

Financial Counterparties who offer FX and Interest Rate advice for free generally get paid only when you buy their products. Their interests are seldomly aligned with yours. They may encourage you to over trade or enter into overly exotic structures in order to earn higher fees. Furthermore, spreads and commissions are opaque and easy to conceal.

Bell Rock Financial are on your side. Our advice is impartial. Our sole motivation is to save you money and protect your business. We ensure that you are trading the most appropriate products at the tightest possible spreads thus efficiently managing your currency and interest rate risks.