Multi Currency Account


Bell Rock Spark: 34 Currency Accounts, One Account Number

Your high street clearing bank was once the owner and purveyor of all things cross border, yet were always found wanting when it came to flexible, simple, cheap international payments and collections. Step forward in time and we have digital banking transforming this frustrating landscape.

At Bell Rock we now provide customers with a single unique IBAN number and named multi currency account that allows you to receive and hold balances in over 30 currencies, and instantly eliminates the need for multiple expensive foreign currency accounts. Our platform integrates local and international clearing to the extent that whoever you trade with your bank details remain the same. No more confusing account number lists and complex settlement details that need to be correct on each and every invoice, you just quote your unique IBAN and account number. It’s as simple as that!

This massively simplifies the receivables process allowing you to collect currency into your multi currency account and creating the flexibility to hold the currency on account whilst you decide the actual currency or currencies you need and when to make the conversion. This exciting development now gives you complete control over your overseas trading cashflows!

Bell Rock are providing these accounts automatically to existing and new clients.

Features at a glance

A trusted enterprise platform that will get you to market quickly via our cloud-native, API-driven technology.

Single IBAN

Receive SWIFT international payments in 30+ currencies into a single IBAN Account

Account With Your Business Name

Unique multi-currency account with your business name. Receive, convert and pay out funds – from anyone, to anyone

Reduced Costs
& Errors

Receive payments without the hassle and cost of opening and managing bank accounts for each currency

Better Customer Experience

Invoice your customers in their local currency. Payment information for just one account on your invoices

How it works

A typical example a company based in the UK, selling goods or services to customers in the USA and Hong Kong.